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Batman Porn Story: A Fuse Chapter 1

Batman Porn Story: A Fuse Chapter 1

to Readers
: Hey bat-fans. This is just a story I made up after
becoming quite recently addicted to the DC comics animated Batman
show made from like 1992 – 2001. Its kind of a Batman – Batgirl
romance story. Its a light story with sweet romance in it, no
inappropriate situations. I got fed up with looking for
Batgirl/Batman stories and finding only crap so I wrote my own. Hope
you really enjoy. Please R&R, Im wondering what response this
story will get.



Aww man I hate to have to type in this boriiiing disclaimer. I dont
own or have any affiliation with Batgirl, Batman, or Robin.
Blah-blah. They belong to DC Comics, I assume. (Although I do
contact Yvonne Craig of the original 1960s batman TV show!

A Fuse

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