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Batman Porn Story: Lynns Story Chapter 2

Batman Porn Story: Lynns Story Chapter 2

The Batman: Lynn’s Story

By: summersara88

Disclaimer: I don’t own Catwoman or Batman. I do own Lynn.

Chapter Two

“Who are you?” asked Lynn, raising her fists slightly.

“I’ve been watching you.” said the voice. Lynn realized it was feminine, but her hands stayed where they were.

“Why?” asked Lynn, her eyes searching the darkness.

“I could really use someone like you on my side, and you need to me to help me find your brother.” said Catwoman, stepping out of the darkness.

Lynn didn’t lose her calm. “I’m not a theif.”

“What’s worse? Losing your brother? Or taking a few diamonds out of the hands of the rich and famous?” asked Catwoman, twirling her tail.

“How do I know you’ll help me? How do I know you won’t stab me in the back?” Lynn asked. Catwoman was causually stepping closer, making Lynn uncomfortable.

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