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Batman Porn Story: batman 1

Batman Porn Story: batman 1

he Bat Signal lit the sky over Gotham City. On a hill just outside the city limits, Batman said, “Quickly, Boytoy Wonder. To the Batmobile. We have to get to police headquarters.”

Dildo the Boytoy Wonder wiped his mouth and stood. “What’s going on?”

Batman sighed. Why hadn’t the sidekick temp agency sent him someone with brains to fill in while Robin was on his Hedo vacation? “The Bat Signal is lit,” he explained, hoping he sounded more patient than he felt. “Commissioner Gordon needs us.”

“Oh. Who’s Commissioner Gordon again?”

Batman squelched the urge to throttle the Boytoy Wonder. “Just get in the car.”

As the Batmobile raced through the streets of Gotham, Dildo’s hand crept over the center console to Batman’s thigh. Batman knocked it away. “Not now. We have a crime to solve.”

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