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Batman Porn Story: The Evils of Alcohol Chapter 1

Batman Porn Story: The Evils of Alcohol Chapter 1

Haha…as promised (if
you read my profile) I’m here with my little Batman one-shot. This
was spawned from a story I made up to amuse my twelve-year-old
niece…and I thought it might amuse you guys as well. Just for fun. This was typed in a hurry, so please forgive any typos.

Richard Grayson slid down
the banister at top speed, keeping his balance with ease on the
highly polished and pleasantly winding surface. Alfred hated when he
did this, fearing that the boy would fall off and crack open his
skull on the marble flooring several feet below. Bruce hated it
because Alfred hated it. And so, if he was caught, he’d be banned
from all things enjoyable from that day in mid-July to Christmas.

Despite, or perhaps
because of, this risk, Dick continued to use and abuse the banister
as his own personal roller coaster.

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