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[Dboy] Candid Candice (Batman)

Robin the Batman’s sidekick got into serious trouble once more and is being held by one of his insane enemies! Don’t worry, it’s not the Joker this time! The chaos that follows is sure be on a completely different level.

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Chiropterana Returns

Comics about superheroes but for furry fans. The comic will demonstrate how Batman guards Gotham and rescues the poor and young Fox. The Fox thanks Batman for sucking and gives him a blow in an alleyway that is dark. The hero then places her on his knees, and starts to kiss her. This isn’t your usual furry comic. He may occasionally fuck his female genitals and she can occasionally suck his dick. In this instance, sex is not the main aspect. The story is about love. If you’re a fan of comics with fur This story is for you.

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