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Batman Porn Story: batman

Batman Porn Story: batman

“Why me?” The Dark Damsel groaned from her perch over Gotham City. With her black half cape wrapped around her sensual form she seemed as much a part of the architecture as the carved gargoyle she was posted beside. Her skin tight latex costume framed her perfectly lithe frame for no other purpose than display. The half cape ended just above her perfectly heart shaped rump and did more to draw attention to that attribute than to conceal it. “Why am I here?”

“Robin is away with the Titans.” Her mentor, Batman, replied. Unlike his ward who merely almost blended with their stone companions the Batman blended completely with his surroundings. The pounding rain that was nearly drowning Barbara Gordon didn’t seem to even concern Bruce Wayne. “You’ve also shown a level of understanding Poison Ivy that exceeds my own in many ways.”

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